Tattoo Dolls is the Worst thing I’ve Ever Seen (Probably).

My name is Mel Noir and I freakin’ apologise for not being a total slutbag because I have tattoos.

Some guy shared this video on the Tattoosday UK Facebook page yesterday that I still can’t get my head around. The video is for… I don’t know what, some thing called Tattoo Dolls, which basically shows off a load of wannabe porn stars embarrassing themselves. You know, I’m not prudish or anything, but the video pretty much disgusts me.

I get that there are a lot of women who have tattoos who’ll act like this, the same way there are a lot of women who don’t have tattoos who are the same. But since when was it a cool thing to treat a tattoo like a giant “fuck me” sign? Why is it, with the current status of tattooing, there are a lot of girls out there with crap on their skin for the sake of it being there, and for the sake of a load of horny 17 year old buys and old perverts to sweat over?

I’m not what you’d call a feminist by a long shot, however I get really tired of stuff like this as it is. I get sick of weird blokes thinking they can touch me because I have tattoos. I get sick of the whole “shit babe you’re dangerous” sleazeballs. I get sick of being expected to be some personification of a hair metal song. It’s not a daily occurrence, but when it happens, it can piss you off for the rest of the way. This kind of crap doesn’t exactly help.

If you’re the kind of guy who gets really into this kind of thing, please use your brain and realise that girls with tattoos aren’t like this. Also, stop masturbating so much, you’ll never get a girlfriend anyway.

Serious, the next time some idiot sends me something like this, I’ll save up the money to go to their house and give them a slap.

Oh yeah, the offending video, by the way:

One Response to “Tattoo Dolls is the Worst thing I’ve Ever Seen (Probably).”
  1. gougetheeyes says:

    THis has to be a joke. Has to be. Please let this be a joke..

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