Alan Aldred is coming to Newcastle!

Guess what everyone! Alan Aldred is coming to Newcastle! There’s the good news anyway- the bad news is, I’ve already booked in the best design from his flash sheet- muah hahahahahaha!

Honestly though, this is yet another great tattooer visiting Ian Parkin’s Inkslingers in Newcastle- I know Ian, as you guys may know, and I haven’t been tattooed by him or his wife for almost a year because they’ve had too many great tattooers like Charlie Roberts, Thomas Morgan and Scott Banks in the studio!

Alan has drawn some really incredible flash sheets that he’d love to tattoo from, though I’d imagine if there’s something else you want you can always ask as well. :)

Alan will be up here on the last weekend in November- and you better hurry if you want in, because I’ve been paid and I’ll be ready to go wild and take all your appointments!

Check out Alan’s work here, you’ll love it. Also, here’s a cool picture of the flash he’s done:


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