Check out Beyond the Ink!


Over the week I received a lovely message from Mark Newman (whose work you should see!) about a fairly new project called Beyond the Ink. I’d seen this around before, though I didn’t really know enough about it before to really comment, so it’s a good thing Mark pointed it out to me again! Beyond the Ink is Kris Richter’s project, which aims to educate anyone and everyone about tattoos. It isn’t completed at the moment, but as of February 2012, you’ll be lucky enough to have even more information available to you if you’re looking for a tattoo and have no idea where to start! Brilliant!

The site seems to have the same aims as tattoo blogs like the one you’re reading, except it seems like it’ll be exclusive to information about making the right choices, instead of the usual mish-mash of topics you’re used to. It’ll all be in video format too, which is great for those of you I’ve converted to the wonderful world of YouTube playlists!

I think this should be a one to look out for, especially if you’re like me and you know a lot of non-tattooed people who don’t know where to start with information! It looks like it’ll be an easy and friendly place to find information on pretty much every aspect of that first tattoo.

You can see the Beyond the Ink website by clicking here.

Thanks again for the tip, Mark!

2 Responses to “Check out Beyond the Ink!”
  1. kidkimura says:

    I wonder how many shitty first tattoos that site will prevent once it’s up and running? Put the scratchers out of business!

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