psst! This is Cool.


Hey, look at this!


That’s my name up there on a magazine! There’s Paul Sayce’s name as well! Oh wow!

This is a sneaky peek at the new issue of Total Tattoo, which I believe is either out now, or towards the end of the week (I’m rubbish with dates!). And I’m in it! A columnist, no less! It’s all very exciting. From this month, the incredible Matt Lodder and I will be sharing that space, writing alternate months.

I’m up first- scary! For my first column, I thought I would bring a little sunshine and write about some of the really great things that are happening in tattooing right now. I would love it if you guys gave it a read!

I think you should also read the interview with Paul Sayce, who is a complete and utter legend and a super guy. Paul Sayce actually wrote me my first love poem, haha! It’s all about his ‘obsession’ with tattooing, though ‘obsession’ is just a word for someone who doesn’t understand true dedication, in my opinion. Not that the interview isn’t splendid!

Sally is the most awesome editor ever, and has made this new venture into her wonderful magazine a real pleasure. I’m really excited for you guys to read these from Matt and myself!

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