Throw Out your Blockbusters Card

Wait, do they even still have Blockbusters these days? Whatever, either way, you’re better off watching some of these new videos than whatever crap they try to pass off as films these days. Yep, another video post! I’ve really been enjoying watching these on my new television (especially since I sill don’t know how to install TV channels onto the thing).

First up, Tattoo Age aired its final episode on Troy Denning last week, and I can only apologise for only putting this up today! This new episode is really great- there’s a lot in there about Troy’s influences, especially Horiyoshi II. Troy just loves his life as well, so you can’t help but smile when you watch it!

You can see the video below, and I’ll add it to the Tattoo Age playlist on YouTube.

Next up, a video from Shawn Porter’s Occult Vibrations. Occult Vibrations, as you should know by now, is a really great website where Shawn’s been trying his best to digitise his old VHS tapes of some of the real legends of tattooing to put online for everyone to enjoy. Last week Shawn posted a great video of Daniel Higgs talking about Zeke Owen. I just watched it, and I loved it. The video is an excerpt from Zeke Owen: His Life and Times.

Finally, this video really sucks, but I thought some of you would find it amusing or interesting. You know when you go to tattoo conventions, and you see people who don’t have any tattoos, shoving cameras in people’s faces and videoing everything, generally getting all up in yo’ grill for no good reason? Well, I found out today what those people do with the videos and pictures they take during the whole weekend. I think next time, these guys should put their cameras down and take in what’s around them, haha.

This is from the past weekend’s London Convention- turn the volume down for this one.

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