Mel’s Big Bumper Guest Spot List

As promised yesterday, here’s a list of all the guest spots that are going on at the minute! Tattooers have been planning guest spots all over the place lately, and it’s actually getting hard to keep up, to be honest! Instead of writing individual posts for everyone, here’s one big list. Feel free to add to this in the comments section.

imageCharlie Roberts

Charlie will be doing a guest spot from the 27th (that’s this Tuesday coming up!) at Inkslingers in Newcastle. He’ll only be there for a couple of days, but you seriously need to get in on this. The picture to your left is the amazing work I walked away with last time he was in Newcastle, and it’s beautiful and holds brilliantly. A real living legend.  Click here for info.


imageScott Banks

Scott Banks will also be at Inkslingers very soon! From October the 3rd- 7th, before he goes to New York! Scott is a really amazing traditional tattooer, who flourishes in both American and Japanese styles. You’ll want in on this one too. As with Charlie, click here for more info.


imageDave Carson

Dave Carson will be at the awesome Northern Soul studio in Liverpool from the 8-10th November this year! He usually does realistic tattoos, which he’ll obviously rather do while he’s there as well. Dave’s a really great guy and a stellar tattooer, so if you’re nearby and you like realism, click here to get in touch with him about it!


imageAdam Hays

Adam Hays is pretty much everywhere. I think he’s in London now, though I can’t seem to figure out exactly where. Other than that though, November news from his Facebook:

Pretty much in Italy for most of November.
I’ll be at Glory Bound Ink in Rimini November 8-13 and then to Marghera to tattoo at
Adrenalink Tattooing the 17-19. Let me know if you’re interested as I’m trying to get my schedules in these cities squared away.

imageMario Desa

Mario Desa is at Frith Street in London right now! He still has some limited spots, but as you may imagine you’re going to have to be quick! For more information, get to the studio ASAP (ideally tomorrow) or call 02077348180. These spaces will go quickly, trust me!



Okay, hopefully that’s answered a few questions. If there’s anyone who is missing from this list (I’m sure there will be!), please let me know in the comments or by getting in touch via the contact page. I’ll add to this whenever I get a tip for one week only, then everything else will sit in the comments section!


Header image is of flash by Charlie Roberts.

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