Electric Pick Sets some Dates for your Diary!

This evening, I received a delightful email from a tattooer you all know and love, Electric Pick! Pick says he loves Tattoosday UK, so you’re all in very good company as you read. What a dude.

He’s also very keen to shout to the rooftops about his return, for a short while, to Conspiracy Inc., Copenhagen’s home of amazing tattooing. Of course, I’m more than happy to share it all with you. I’m also more than happy to be a bit lazy and copy the following from his blog (complete with images of the Martian landscape, today!), haha:

Ok ok here’s how it’ll all work!
Copenhagen from the 2nd of January till the 31st.
about 14 to 16 spots that I am opening… NOW!
Free for all except that anyone with unfinished business from me obviously gets first pick! Also… Think “one-shot” only please! I do plan on making it back out that way by August but don’t want to add too many unfinished pieces!!!! A “one-shot” can be up to 8 hours, send me your ideas and placement/size info and I’ll answer ya as soon as I get time to book!
People of the waiting list are expected to get a mail about this in the days to come!!
as usual: pick@electricpick.com


MURRRicans, I haven’t forgotten about you either. Here are some new American dates:

San Diego, CA: 28th of November till the 6th of December / One spot left (still accepting submissions)
New Haven, CT: 11th till the 17th of December / All booked-up
I will also be going to Philly and New York for a bit but will not be working there!
However I’ve just decided (in the last few days) that my next NAmerican trip might not be so far away as I first thought except that it’ll probably end up being way too far out of the way for most if not all of you!! No roads go there after all!!! How intriguing!!! More about that in the months to come!

Electric Pick is an outstanding tattooer, so if you have a chance to get a tattoo from him, I suggest you grab it with both hands. I think the most impressive tattooers have work that’s completely distinguishable from anyone else’s, and Pick does that in a wonderful manner- as soon as you see his work, you know it’s one of his own. That’s something that’s really cool, so you should want some of that on your body, for sure!

I can’t help but finish this post with a picture or two of his work, because it rocks, so here you all are:



Thanks once again to the man himself, Electric Pick, for his kind words and heads up on the new dates!

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