Cris Cleen: Now Taking Bookings for Saved Tattoo!

It’s been about 15 seconds since I last wrote about Cris Cleen, so here’s some more. Cris Cleen is now taking bookings for Saved in New York City! This is not a guest spot, Cris is permanently moving over there to work at the studio.

From his blog:

so im officially booking for New York at Saved. ill be out there by the 1st of October. this is not a guest spot. i am moving there permanently. to get on the list, email me your idea when your asking about availability.

to answer the common questions, its 200 an hour with a hundred dollar paypal deposit.

Cris also has a book which he’s put together now which is full of flash- there are no reprints or copies of what’s in there. You can’t even see them online, which is frustrating for the likes of myself- I want to see what’s in there! If you want to know, though, you’re going to have to go into Saved after the 1st, and book in something! Also from his blog, an explanation:

in older flash books like the Ben Corday travel book, clients would sign there initials next to the design they got. in a world of custom tattoos, i thought this was an interesting practice that isnt done much anymore.

im constantly insisting on my designs and ideas for people as it is, why not show them finish products?!

my good buddy Garrett of Strawfoot handmade put together this one of a kind book for me . so when booking for my move to New York, lets do some of these images ive locked myself in my apartment to come up with!!

Awesome, awesome stuff. My eventual trip to New York gets better and better (though I will have to save up even more now to even begin thinking about it!).

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  1. Mel Noir says:

    Oh crap, I’ll fix the header image as soon as I can!

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