Now For Something Completely Different.

For the past few weeks now, I’ve been taking a day a week to tell you all how great I think Tattoo Age is. Some of you will love that, some of you probably wonder why I bother. I know loads of people assume that if they’re not some kind of expert on tattooing (who is?) that they won’t even like it.

So, I have here someone who know jack shit about tattooing to watch it, haha.

Before we even bother to watch this new episode, the second of the Troy Denning series, Peewee (idiot in question) asks me, “why the hell should I even bother watching this? Who is Troy Denning?”.

“Troy Denning is class, that is all you need to know. Watch this,” I said.

So we did.

Troy Denning is a cool motherfucker. I enjoyed this, I thought it was great. Troy has a lot of valid points about life. I love all the stuff about his life, and about him sneaking off in the library up to where he is now. I learned something today! I do like tattoos, but something like this makes me appreciate tattooing a lot more, after seeing what people have to go through to be great tattooers. Troy makes it look really easy, but you know he had to work for years and years to get there. Tattoo Age is great, even if you don’t know the difference between a good tattoo and a bad tattoo, and you’ll learn all about the culture watching something like this.

So, now you know. Tattoo Age is awesome, regardless of how much you know about tattooing, how interested you are or even if you have tattoos or not. Check this all out.

You can watch the episode of Tattoo Age below, and we’ll sort it out with the Tattoosday UK playlist on YouTube later on and let you all know, so it’s all up there and up to date!

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