Stuff Happened.

Right lads and lasses, I’ve had a really long day and I have a terrible cold- boo! So, let’s have another ‘Stuff Happened’ post.

First up then, Ryan Mason’s guest spots at Conspiracy Inc. are almost gone! If you’ve been wondering whether you’d like to get tattooed by him when he’s there, stop being a pussy and just book in. You can find all information on that by clicking here. You can see some really great work from Ryan in that post as well, including this awesome neck tattoo:


Over the weekend, a lot of the world remembered the events of 9/11 in its 10th anniversary. Of course, this included many of those tattoo blogs that work during the weekend, too. You can probably find loads of 9/11 tattoos online- some are good, some not so good, but all filled with a lot of heart. Here’s some knux:


These are, as you can see, from Knuckle Tattoos, and you can read a little about them here.

I wanted to add in more today, but my cold just keeps getting worse and worse! Just one more then for now, I apologise!

Simon Erl just finished this really awesome painting- his first of this size!


From his blog:

My first big painting ever. This will go up for auction soon and all money raised for it will go to the Sea Shepherd who are currently docked up in London. Details soon.

You can follow Simon’s blog on Tumblr here.

Thank you for bearing with me, hopefully I will feel better for you all tomorrow!

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