For Your Bookshelves: Matt Lodder and Smith St. books!

I love books. Books are great. If there’s one piece of advice I could give you all, it’s to never read a book that you wouldn’t be embarrassed dying in the middle of reading. Thankfully, I have some suggestions on some news ones you can buy (or will be able to buy in the future!)

imageFirst up, the guys at Smith Street have just released a new flash book. If you aren’t familiar with this studio (and you really should be, I told you all about Dan’s Tattoo Age episodes three weeks running!), Smith Street is a great studio that works in vintage American traditional styles. That’s the kind of work you can expect from this flash book, and I’m sure it’s absolutely amazing. From their blog:

28 of our favorite sheets of flash straight from the Smith Street walls.  7 sheets each by Dan, Eli, Bert and Steve, this book is packed with sellers!  For those of you who are familiar with the 2 small flash books that Bert and Steve put out a few years ago, it is the same format.  For those who don’t know, this book is 5.5″x8″, spiral bound and  printed on heavy card stock By Jay Foran at Alpha Repro Graphics, so you know its a quality print job.  Perfect for travel reference, or even for color copying and hanging in your tattoo shop.  The sheets will enlarge proportionately to 11″x14″.   They are only $80.00 and they are available now through Lucky Tattoo Supply and Tattoo Elite.  We will also have them with us at all conventions we are attending in the coming year, and have them available at the shop.

imageSecondly, here’s some news on a book that won’t even be out until 2014! Woah! Matt Lodder, who is an art historian who loves tattoos, is releasing a tattoo history book, called simply ‘Tattoo Art History’. Awesome! Matt really knows his stuff when it comes to tattooing, so this book will not only be interesting, but will really get your attention with the attention to detail and thoughtful writing Matt’s already known for. Really can’t wait.

If you also can’t wait, you can still download Matt’s PhD thesis, called “Body Art: Body Modification as Artistic Practice” for free by clicking here and searching for Lodder- it’s a good’un!

Either way, I’ll be making sure I keep you all updated on Matt’s book- now go and buy Smith Street’s, if you know what’s good for you.

3 Responses to “For Your Bookshelves: Matt Lodder and Smith St. books!”
  1. Alice Th'ink says:

    *want…sorry, my excitement about the books must have been too much to type properly xxx

    • Mel Noir says:

      Alice, this is what I’m like every day when I’m writing about something great, it’s a wonder this website isn’t riddled with mistakes. I want both too. :) xxx

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