Tattoo Age’s Final Grime Episode: Now online


Wheeeeey, it’s that time of the week already! Tattoo Age’s third and final Grime episode is now online. It’s pretty bittersweet really- I’m happy to see it, and this episode really rocks, but I’m sad that this is the end of the Grime shows!

This last show is another “all-rounder”, much like Grime’s work itself, though there’s perhaps most focus on his books, Iron Will and Two Year Autopsy (spend your money on those here). The whole thing is very personal, but in a humble way. It’s pretty frank, just like Grime himself. In all honesty, seeing these videos really makes me feel lazy, as you really get to see how hard this guy works. Chris O’Donnell is even in this himself saying how much Grime used to work when they lived together, and how Grime would be up until the small hours with a pencil in his hand and his headphones on. This is real dedication, and this is how you become an amazing tattooer- it’s hard work, not a fucking haircut, that defines how good your work is.

Anyway, here is the video below. As always, you can check out the Tattoosday UK Tattoo Age playlist on YouTube here, and this episode has been added to it already.

Much thanks again to Juliette at Vice for keeping me updated!

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