Iguana Fingers.

Sorry everyone, I am very busy today and therefore can’t update the blog properly. I’ll be back tomorrow, promise. Instead, here are Shawn Porter’s fingers, haha. Shawn has a great tattoo blog called Occult Vibrations that you need to check out.

Shawn was tattooed on his palms by Thomas Hooper recently, and the tattoo is great… though, admittedly, it doesn’t look that way right now, as it heals! From Shawn’s blog:

I present you with this ugly truth- peeling, cracking skin and blown out lines.
Consistent with my palm tattoo healing but no less ‘icky’. There are still a few more weeks until they’re fully healed.

I’ve been calling them my iguana fingers.

Not pretty, but a reality check for anyone who wants palm/finger tattoos done the ‘proper’ way.

Reality check indeed! I can see a picture like this serving as something that will put off those who aren’t actually serious about getting their palms tattooed, or it’ll put someone’s mind at rest about how their tattoo is healing. Either way, it’s great to have out there, haha. Shawn, I hope your hands are feeling better soon, I’m sure it’s more than worth it. Here’s the picture, now waste your time on Shawn’s blog while I am busy, my children. Also, if anyone would like any help or advice with how their tattoos are healing, feel free to get in touch- if I can’t help out, I’ll sure as hell know someone who can.


Original post here!

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