Updated Information Page- Finally!

Hey everyone. I keep getting a lot of emails about some trashy whore having her TV show cancelled. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t really qualify as news since this probably happens once a week in Hollywood, so instead I’ll tell you about the updated information page we now have on Tattoosday UK.

The old page, which was called “Choosing your Tattooist”, was pretty damn old. I wrote that thing years ago now, when I was only just setting up this website and learning about tattooing. While some things in there were valid, others just weren’t as important. I’ve been meaning to update that page for ages, but something always got in the way- I’m too busy these days, it really sucks.

Anyway, enter Mike Stratton and the Norwegian Tattoo Union! Mike wrote a really cool mountain of information that he said I was free to use on the site, so I have replaced the old page with this new one, called “Before you Get Tattooed!”. There’s lots of information in there, though if you have never been tattooed before and are thinking about it, I would strongly advise you read through it all. It doesn’t take too long to read, and you will walk away from it knowing much more than you probably did before.

Thank you very much to Mike and the Norwegian Tattoo Union- you all rock.

Click here to get to the new page, or find it at the top of the home page.

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