So… this Happened.

While I’ve been away for a couple of days, a few things happened that you kind of couldn’t dedicate a whole post to. So, here’s a round up of some little titbits that are taking place at the minute.

imageDan Henk wrote a blog post for Tattoo Artist Magazine about the perils of shows like TLC’s Tattoo School last week. It’s short, but sweet, and really gets to the point:

Tattooing is life altering. You could get hardcore diseases and die. More likely, you will get some scarred up shit-nugget that a kindergartener could have drawn better.

You can click here to see the whole thing. The comments are pretty interesting, too!


There’s a new book coming out by Alex MacNaughton called London tattoos. It’s out on the 31st, and has a foreword by Matt Lodder. This is pretty much all I know about this book right now, I’ll find some information for you soon though!


Geeky Tattoos posted up what they think are the 25 geekiest tattoos. I won’t lie, I’m only posting that so I can put the above picture up. That guy looks so cool(!) More douchebags and a couple of cool people here.


A new documentary about Ed Hardy is on its way. It’ll premier on September 20th, and you’ll be able to buy it on DVD, iTunes download or see it on Cable VOD. I’m not going to put too much in here because I’m pretty sure I’ll probably make a big deal out of it when it comes out, so I’ll just let you all know it’s happening. Way too many people don’t think Ed Hardy is anything other than the guy whose designs are on t shirts, so this should be pretty cool, as it looks like it’ll show off Ed himself, and his work, which you should know is pretty damn impressive. Expect more about that towards the end of next month.

Finally, I saw this pretty cool email exchange on Knuckle Tattoos between Nathan and a kid who’s just turning 18 soon and wants his knuckles done. I can usually never believe it when I see kids with knuckle tattoos, I think there’s no way anyone just turning 18 should have them. Nathan handles it pretty well, and gives some solid advice.

Your knuckles are the final frontier. You have plenty of time to get them tattooed. Hopefully you will pick something more meaningful to your life as a whole instead of the year you were born and a band you liked in high school. If I had done that, I’d have 1972 and TMBG across my knuckles.

Read the full thing here.


So yeah, there’s some little bits and pieces from what’s going on right now. I haven’t even begun to show you all the cool work I’ve been seeing, because I’d be here all night! Perhaps another day this week I’ll do that.

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