New Cris Cleen and Grime Videos up!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delays this week. Some new videos for you guys might make it up to you.

First up, the new Grime episode from Tattoo Age is online now! My brain is always a sieve for these things, so thanks very much to Juliette who keeps me updated every week! This new episode is really great- it shows a lot from Grime’s personal life, which helped shape the way he tattoos. There’s skateboarding, San Fransisco and those who helped him along the way. You’ll also be happy to see some really old tattoos he did- you may not be so happy (in jealousy!) to see they were even awesome then. I think I’ve said this before, but I love how humble Grime is, and yet again this also comes across in this video.

Anyway, the video should be below, and I’ve added it to our YouTube playlist here.

Next up, a great find from my buddy Patrick, who sent me this video of Cris Cleen that I really love. This also follows Cris’ work, his influences and what makes his tattoos really stand out. Cris always seems like a really classy and well influenced tattooer, so it’s really cool to see this kind of video. Cris also comes across really well, especially when he’s talking about how he doesn’t give a crap about “tattoo politics” and the like. I don’t know about you guys, but I quite like that! Also, if you don’t already know, Cris will be in Saved Tattoo in New York fairly soon permanently- so if you live near there, you should probably check out his work!

The video should be below for that- which reminds me, I should also fix the video for the Frith Street stuff I posted up last week! While I run off to do that, check out this video:

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