Grime and Frith Street Videos Online!


Grab some popcorn, hook your TV up to your computer and get ready to chill- there are some great new videos out there this week. First up, I have to tell you all about the new episode of Tattoo Age. I’ve been really loving this series, and I know I keep writing about it but you all have to see the new Grime episode.

Grime is a fantastic artist, though looking at his work alone you can’t necessarily tell he’s a really great person, too. This first episode shows you this side of him- the hard working, quiet and kind spirited guy whose work we love. It also shows his amazing work ethic, and that he wants to be the best of the bunch, with not one of his tattoos looking the same as anyone else. I’ve always loved Grime’s work, but after seeing this I’m actually jealous of anyone who’s had the chance to get work from him.

I’m going to link to the YouTube video here, because firstly it’s easier for WordPress, but also because Tattoo Age is such a great series it’d be really great to see people watching and sharing this enough for the makers to become YouTube Partners and earn some money from this as a reward, if they haven’t already. Also, my playlist of Tattoo Age is here, and has been updated.

Also, Frith Street have a short video online right now which is showing what’s been happening down at the studio. It’s all shots of the guys’ work, or of them in the middle of working. It’s pretty cool, probably because it’s all tattoos and a typical day in their studio, which is the kind of thing those new to tattooing should be exposed to, instead of certain TV shows, haha. Anyway, this video is kind of hard to put onto the site, since Windows LiveWriter likes irritating me, so if you click on the screen grab below, you’ll be able to get to that as well.











3 Responses to “Grime and Frith Street Videos Online!”
  1. Stewart says:

    Yup. Grime is awesome.
    Thanks for the mention. If you just paste the vimeo url into wordpress, it embeds the vid in the blog entry. It’s cool. That’s why I used Vimeo.

    • Mel Noir says:

      He sure is, buddy!
      You’re welcome for the mention man- I have no idea why I didn’t try to use WordPress’ site itself to put the video in, haha. When I get around to updating this evening, I’ll see if I can make it work. Hopefully in the future messing around with codes and URLs will be a thing of the past!

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