The Social Tattoo Project


It seems like there’s a new crisis every week. Just after we all got over the worst of our sadness about the Norway attacks, here in the UK we’re glued to our TVs worried about the riots that are taking place. There are homes and businesses destroyed over here, and at least one man has died. These are things that some people will never forget for the rest of our lives… but what about the rest of the world?

Quick, tell me when the Haiti earthquake took place. Can’t remember? I don’t blame you if you can’t, to be honest, there’s a lot going on and the world just seems to forget and move on (which, let’s face it, can be a good thing too). Some people, however, will remember for the rest of their lives whether they were there or not, thanks to a new tattoo project going on in America.

The Social Tattoo Project is a project which takes what’s going on in the world, and brings in Sacred Tattoo in New York to tattoo that subject onto a volunteer’s skin. In their own words:

The Social Tattoo Project is making empathy permanent. Our volunteers are getting tattoos that represent worldly issues, but they have no idea what their tattoos will be. They are letting you decide.
For each tattoo, we will post 4 trending topics on Twitter, and the most tweeted trend will be the subject of the tattoo. To vote, tweet #socialtattoo and your #favorite trend of the 4 to @social_tattoo . With your vote and our volunteers’ skin, we can make what the world empathizes with today, what we care about forever.

A lot of the time I don’t like projects like this, because I kind of think they can be cheesy. This one seems pretty cool though, and it’s a really nice sentiment. The Huffington Post picked up on this story too, though I won’t bother to link to them because I found their article distasteful and their readers disgusting- out of interest, is the Huffington Post the US’ Daily Mail, by any chance? Anyway, Sacred Tattoo, where I found this, has some videos on their blog you can check out to make your own opinion about it all, if you’re on the fence. You can check those out here.

And here’s the Social Tattoo Project’s site, again!

4 Responses to “The Social Tattoo Project”
  1. Sylvia Sanchez says:

    How does one get a tattoo from the social project? I have many but this seems like something I would love to do!

    • Mel Noir says:

      Y’know, I’m not actually sure, Sylvia! However, I did receive an email from the guys doing the project the other day, so I will find out for you. Is it cool to contact you with the email address you used to post your comment when I find out?

      • Steph says:

        Hello Sylvia and Mel,
        This is Steph – one of the co-creators of the Social Tattoo Project. Thanks for taking such an interest in our project. We are currently expanding the website and adding information on how people can get involved. Stay tuned…

        • Mel Noir says:

          That sounds really awesome, Steph, thanks for letting us know! Once all the information is up there on your site, I’ll update this post to avoid any confusion in the future :)

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