Dues Paid.

After everything that’s happened in the last month or so with TLC’s stupid show about “tattoo schools”, I’m really happy to be able to tell you all some good did actually come out of the whole thing. Personally, I’d have preferred the show to have never come out at all, and was just as outraged as you guys were about this- however, there have been silver linings, since this has helped tattooers raise the issues around these kinds of schools.

One guy who’s went above and beyond that is Philip Barbosa, who has set up a really cool new website called Boycott Tattoo Schools. This website aims to educate anyone trying to find out information about these establishments, and to advise them to basically just keep the hell away.

Philip has also created these really cool posters and cards that tattoo studios are free to buy! They’re really cool, and I think any tattoo studio that’s situated anywhere near a “school” like this really needs one of these in their windows. The artwork itself is from Alie K, who you may know as a badass tattooer and also the owner of RotaryTattoo.com. Here’s the poster:


The poster is only $15, which covers only the cost of printing and shipping these things out. Philip isn’t asking for any more than that, as he doesn’t wish to make money from it- I think that’s really cool!

There are also the cards, of course, which cost $5 for 50- a bargain! These can be given to any customers, hopeful tattooers or anyone else you feel might benefit.


EDIT: Those costs up there are for shipping to North America- if you’re from outside of there, it may cost a little more, but probably not too much. Philip says: “If folks want it shipped outside of north america please email me info@boycotttattooschools.​com”

Everything Philip has been doing is truly fantastic. Right now, when everyone is in despair about tattooing in the media, don’t forget there are some people out there, like Philip, who can turn those bad situations into something that still might not be great, but help a lot of people and raise the issues that some people may not.

If you would like to know more, please visit Boycott Tattoo Schools!

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