Careers and The Tattooed: My Hard work put to some Use.

I’ve been playing with again.

This year, I put my mountains of tattoo books through some rigorous abuse, and used them to write my university dissertation for Advice, Guidance and Counselling. For the research, I focused in on careers counselling and those with tattoos. Now I’m done with university, and I have my degree, which means my dissertation is supposed to sit somewhere collecting dust.

Like Hell am I going to let that happen, this thing took me months and was a complete labour of love from start to finish.

Since half of this thing is about tattooing, I thought I’d put it online for you all. I know, I’m kind and stuff. This dissertation is about the ways in which society views tattooing as a whole, especially looking at things from a careers point of view. There’s some tattoo history in there, there’s some sociological stuff I researched, and some other bits and pieces, all wrapped up in a mammoth 52 pages. I know you guys won’t want to read 52 pages though (I don’t blame you, I trail off a bit near the end), so I took out the introduction and literature review and put them into a special “lazy bastard edit”, too. That edit is only about five pages long and takes 10 minutes to read!

Somewhere out there, some kid is looking up stuff like this for their own university or college research. If that’s you, I hope this is what you’re looking for.

So! If you are interested, may I direct you to the full dissertation, which is accessible by clicking on the picture below.

Fullscreen capture 28072011 193635.bmp

For the Lazy Bastard Edit, click on this picture:

Fullscreen capture 28072011 193702.bmp

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