Tattoo Age Wraps up on Dan Santoro

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of news yesterday, we were having some real problems with the Internet at my place- I think everyone in the 21st Century relies way too much on computers, and I am a prime example.

At the same time, with awesome shows like Tattoo Age online, do you blame me?

The online show wrapped up their shows on Dan Santoro yesterday, and this last episode really rocks. It doesn’t cover his tattooing as much as the others did, yet at the same time widens horizons and explores so much more. There’s stuff in there about Dan’s antique collecting, obsessions with tattoo history and even the antique/record/coffee shop he runs with his best friend and wife.

I think one of my favourite things about this is that it shows just how humble Dan is- the guy’s totally honest with where he finds his inspiration, and the fact that so much in tattooing comes from other areas of art, which I always personally love to see. There’s no big guy attitude or ego here- the last scene of the show even has Dan stood around his antiques saying that he doesn’t want to be talking too much about them, because he doesn’t want to appear as self centred.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of us on Facebook (check out our Facebook page here if you like), you’ve probably already seen the link for the show there from yesterday. If you’re not on Facebook (and seriously, good for you and your sanity), you can check it out below. The guys at Vice have also been putting these things out on YouTube, and of course I had to make myself a playlist so I can watch them all. Since I’m feeling nice, you can see this playlist below. Enjoy!

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