Why it’s Important to keep your Appointment.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot from my friends in studios about how their customers haven’t been showing up for appointments. I don’t know why it’s been happening so much over the past couple of weeks, maybe there’s something in the water. Anyway, why not use our last post of the week to remind you guys why you need to keep your appointments.

Firstly, it’s just damn polite. If you have a doctor’s appointment, or even an appointment with the hairdressers, and you need to cancel, you call. Why should an appointment at a tattoo studio be any different? A lot of the people not showing up for their tattoo appointments are the same people who’d tell their friend if they’ll be late to meet them- so I don’t really get why you wouldn’t tell a tattooer you won’t be able to make your appointment, so they can make plans to fill that space. I get that shit happens, but at least call. And call in advance, not half an hour beforehand.

Secondly, you not showing up for an appointment is costing someone else money. Say you’re booked in for something that costs £100. If half of that money goes to the tattoo studio, and half to the tattoo artist, you’ve cost two people £50. Some people seem to think that all tattoo artists are loaded, but they’re not. Some are, but many make the same amount of money you do. They aren’t tattooing constantly, so if you only have a small appointment in that day, you’ll just be paid for that. Thinking about the cost of their equipment and art materials, as well as other things that go towards putting your tattoo into your skin, £50 isn’t something that these people are wiping their arses with, the same way you wouldn’t.

There are a whole load of other reasons why you should keep your appointment- I could probably write a book. However, I’ll add in just one more, because y’know, three is a magic number or something. So finally, what about the fact that the majority of the time, the person who was supposed to do your tattoo has already spent time drawing this up and probably getting excited about doing it? Tattoo artists live and breathe their craft- if you come to them with a really cool idea, they’re already excited about doing the tattoo. They might have spent ages getting the drawings for the linework just right before you’ve even come back. This is what they do, and they love it- why show them so much disrespect by not even bothering to show up for something they’ve spent time on already? That was time that they could have spent drawing up someone else’s tattoo- someone who deserved it a lot more than you did. This last reason probably ties to the other two, really, but I think it’s important.

I think if I go on for much longer, this will end up as more of a rant than a blog post! People, please keep your appointments with tattoo artists. If you can’t keep them, don’t make the appointment!

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