Bob Roberts, Jack Rudy and Grez Interviews!

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

Before we begin: the image you can see above is a tattoo by the wonderful Bob Roberts, and is on Hector Fong. You can see the full tattoo here.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen a couple of really great interviews pop up online which I’d love to share with you all today. First up, Ian Parkin at Inkslingers (Newcastle Upon Tyne) posted up a really cool interview between Jack Rudy and Bob Roberts on his blog. The interview is from a 1991 issue of Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue (issue 15, to be exact!). Here’s an excerpt:

JR: It always amazed me that if you want to cut hair you have to go to a beauty school and take like 2000 hours worth of training, and then you have to take an intense written exam and a practical exam so that other hairdressers can swear on a bible that you know aht you’re doing and only then do they give you a license. And if you’re caught cutting hair without that license – well I don’t know what they do to you but I’m pretty sure they cut off your left hand or something like that. But anybody whose got the fucking money to buy tattoo equipment can just set up shop (editor’s note: Mr Rudy became rather over-excited at this point, and flung the tape recorder across the room. After a break to repair it, the interview resumed)
BR: Are you okay now?
JR: I’ve just always found it interesting that this profession attracts so many people to it that just don’t have a clue. The only profession that attracts more no talent people to its acting.

The interview is both hilarious and insightful, and pretty much everything that both Bob and Jack said in it still holds true today. Anyway, you can read the whole thing by clicking here.

Next up, my pal Patrick Sullivan did this really great interview with Grez, at Kings Avenue. This interview has already appeared in another magazine, however the version which was printed was quite heavily edited to fit between the pages, so Patrick has decided to share the whole thing for everyone on his Last Sparrow Tattoo blog. Here’s a taste of that one:

What’s the biggest thing you’ve been able to take away from tattooing?
Wow. That’s a good one. I feel like I learn off of other people. I sit back and watch and listen a lot. I don’t try to give my opinion, necessarily. Knowing your place and sitting back. When I was learning how to tattoo and getting tattooed by guys, I wasn’t sitting there and asking a lot of questions like, “What kind of ink are you using, what kind of needle do you use?” I would sit back and watch them work and I feel like I came leaps and bounds by getting tattooed. And I still do. Seeing the way another person works. I wasn’t necessarily given that advice because I’ve always been that guy. I’ve always kind of been in the back of class, listening.
I remember when I was younger and we’d be snowboarding and I’d want to go last because I’d want to see what everyone was doing and then I could hit the jump and try whichever one I liked the best. I feel like I’m a super observer.

The interview is really cool, and covers a lot of ground in a short space, talking about almost all aspects of Grez’s work and tattooing a little more generally.

This interview is in three parts, here are the links:

part one | part two | part three

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