Guest Spot News: Thomas Morgan, Shon Lindauer, Ron Henry Wells and Adam Hays.

Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, I was busy getting this:


You can call it research or something, y’know, to make it sound less selfish.

Anyway, there’s a lot happening with guest spots at the minute, so I’d better fill you guys in. First up, Thomas Morgan and Shon Lindauer are leaving the Inkslingers studio in Newcastle, and are off to Antwerp in Belgium! I think they’ll be at Vinnie Stone’s Sinsin tattoo studio. If you’d like to book in with them, there’s some information for you on their Tattoo Traveller page.

Here’s a brilliant tattoo Shon did on my friend while he’s been in Newcastle, to show you why you should book in with one of the guys. This is from the Tattoo Traveller website:


Next up, Ron Henry Wells is on the move, too, travelling to San Diego to work at Guru Tattoo for a few days. He’ll also be at Three Kings in New York from the 21st until the 27th. From his blog:

I will be working next to my good friend Adam Hathorn and the rest of the dudes at Guru Tattoo in San Diego(A Whale’s Vagina) from July 12th until the 15th. If you’d like to get something please email me at


You can use that email address for New York appointments,too. Here’s something from Ron’s blog- he really rocks. If you look at this and don’t want a tattoo from him, I’ll have to stare at you in wonder.


Finally, Adam Hays is tattooing in Conspiracy Ink between the 18th and 20th of August (and hopefully a couple of other days if he can!). To book in, I’ll leave it to the lovely Amalie, from the studio’s blog:

If you’d like to book with him, here’s how to do it: send an email to with your ideas for the design and placement, possible budget and dates you are available. Remember that it must be custom, as always, and unless you’re planning a trip to New York in the near future, it should be something that can be finished in one session.
After recieving your email, i’ll get back to you with a possible date for the tattoo, and give you specifics about deposit and stuff.
So pretty much the usual.
Serious inquiries only, and i can’t stress that enough.
It’s bad enough when people cancel at the last minute with Allan or Eckel, but doing it to a traveling guest artist is completely unacceptable, so please think before booking.

And, here’s a piece from Adam. It really rocks. It actually took ages to choose just one tattoo from his work!

Okay, that’s your lot for today! If you’re a tattooer doing a guest spot and would like it to go up on the site, feel free to get in touch any time.

2 Responses to “Guest Spot News: Thomas Morgan, Shon Lindauer, Ron Henry Wells and Adam Hays.”
  1. gougetheeyes says:

    Saw the skull Ron Wells did in person, on the talented Andy Perez ( that thing is killer!

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