Say NO to Tattoo School.


TLC are fucking parasites.

There, I said it.

The channel, which humorously stands for “The Learning Channel”, already boats pain-in-the-arse-shows LA Ink and NY Ink on their website, so you can imagine how serious they are about the subjects they portray in reality TV rubbish. They claim to “document” subjects around cooking, family, home, style and weddings- I’m guessing they see tattoos as “style”, then. They’ve been making money from the wonderful ancient craft we all love for years, giving very little back. They believe stupid drama and sob stories triumph over something as wonderful as tattooing, and will do anything to milk people’s professions and lives dry.

Now they’ve gone way too far.

Their newest eyesore is a TV show called “Tattoo School”, which is about one of those terrible “schools” which are supposed to teach you about tattooing in a mere two weeks. You can not learn how to tattoo in two weeks. You can not learn how to tattoo from a TV show that supposedly teaches you, either. This is seriously scraping the barrel, even for TLC’s low standards.

Documentaries about tattooing can be really cool. In fact, when a friend is interested in a certain area in tattooing, I like to be able to recommend things they can watch as well as read about. I like to watch them myself, as you’ve probably seen from this site. Tattoo School, however, is not a documentary, as much as it will be advertised as so. This is another terrible reality TV dog pile. From what I’ve already seen though, many people will think this is all real. They’ll think they can learn how to tattoo in two weeks. They’ll go off, buy the shite “kits” and hurt their friends. They’ll rape tattooing as much as TLC do, and they’ll think nothing of it while they do so, because they think that this is how tattooing works.

Face it, it’s already happening the world over thanks to reality TV and misinformation. Why make this worse, TLC?

So what can you, assumedly pissed off reader, do? First off, don’t watch it. Not even if you’re curious- it’ll be on YouTube the next day anyway. The best way to get rid of rubbish like this is to keep away from it, as their viewing figures will drop, and the show will fail. You don’t want to watch this bullshit anyway, and if you do I would advise learning a lot more about tattooing than you already do.

Anything else? Well, I saw this really cool Facebook page before which adds more:

You can go here and contact discovery/tlc directly
Call this number.
Discovery/TLC ethics hotline #: 1-800-398-6395
Also you can go to
They have been trying to delete most of the stuff that
Everyone has posted protesting their show. Keep on them
Eventually they will give in.

TLC- we are tattoo artists, enthusiasts and ‘fans’ the world over, and we’re telling you that we don’t want you around us. You’re not invited to the party. You’re not getting a Christmas card. You’re not getting a phone call on Sunday. Thousands of people have already told you this, when will you listen?

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