Tattoo Age Looks Awesome.

I think this is the TV show we’ve all been looking for.

You’ve probably already seen this on a whole bunch of other tattoo blogs and websites, but after seeing the trailer for this show, I don’t even care. Tattoo Age is a new show from VBS.TV, which looks like it’s an internet TV channel. The show follows tattooing from the perspectives of some of the real legends in tattooing, and gives absolutely no bullshit. I can see this show being the one you show your friends when you say, “THIS is what tattooing is”.

The show features artists such as Dan Santoro, Grime, Troy Denning, Mike Rubendal and Freddy Corbin. I also saw a small snippet with Chris O’Donnell in there, though I don’t think there’s much of a focus on Chris himself. Either way, pretty cool.

To see the trailer, hit the video below. Also, if you really like it and can’t wait yet, other honest and brilliant tattoo shows include Lars Krutak’s Tattoo Hunter, The Vanishing Tattoo, Hori Smoku; also (suggested by Jacob Des on his blog) True Love and Epicly Laterd.

Here’s the Tattoo Age website, by the way. Once again I’m having trouble embedding the video, so please click here to see it!


2 Responses to “Tattoo Age Looks Awesome.”
  1. jonik says:

    Hi Mel,

    Can’t get this to play? Any suggestions? Your looking great bybthe way! :)

    • Mel Noir says:

      Hmm, I’m not so sure- are you going through to the website to play it? I can’t seem to embed it. Also, if you’re on that daft iPad thing of yours I can imagine you’ll have trouble playing it- something to do with Java or whatever? Thanks though, you look great too, haha :) x

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