Laurie Lipton Tattoo? Jim Needs You.



Laurie Lipton is cool. That is all you need to know. However, in my duties to deliver something other than a one sentence blog post, I will tell you more. Laurie is an artist hailing from New York, who has produced some of the most amazing pieces of art I’ve seen. It’s classy, timeless and just downright cool. She reminds me a little of Heather Gabel, which as regular readers know is something I approve of a lot. You can see her work here.

Someone else who thinks Laurie is cool is James Scott, who is busy making a documentary about her and the artwork she produces. James is a UK based director and editor whose CV is ridiculously impressive.

Anyway, this is where you come in.

James is currently looking for anyone out there who has a tattoo based on Laurie’s work. I’m guessing there’ll be a lot of you out there- Laurie’s work has been transformed into so many tattoos she was even featured in Tattoo Life in May!

If you have a “Laurie tattoo”, or know someone who does (or even if you know an artist who’s done one!), please get in touch at the following address:

Thanks everyone! I’ll try to keep you all posted about the progress of this documentary if I can.

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