Get your Mug on this guy’s Where’s Wally Backpiece for Charity!


How many of you guys used to have Where’s Wally (or Waldo, if you’re from America) books? I bet loads of you did, and I bet loads of you think they rocked. That’s because they did. One guy who knows this fine well has decided to use Where’s Wally to raise a lot of money for charity, through a tattoo on his back!

John Mosley, who intends to get his whole back done, will be tattooed by Rytch’ad Soddy of Sith Tattoo Studio in Norwich in what could be a whole 24 hour session. The piece will be a full Where’s Wally puzzle, and if you donate you could even have your likeness included in it. From John’s JustGiving page:

We’ll be raising money to enable Great Ormond Street Hospital to provide world-class care for its young patients and their families and to pioneer new treatments and cures for childhood illness by:
Contributing to the rebuilding and refurbishment of the hospital;
Funding the most up-to-date equipment;
Supporting research into, and development of, breakthrough treatments; and
Providing accommodation and other support services for children and their families
…and many more excellent things!
It’s a great cause and should be a lot of fun, and totally worth the pain !


I know exactly what you might be thinking: “but Mel, people do this all the time, and half of them don’t even go ahead with it in the end- why should I give a crap about another guy getting tattooed for charity?”. Well, here’s what impressed me:

  • Every single penny raised is going towards the hospital. No one here is looking for a free tattoo or a load of money, like some others who take some of the money for the tattoo itself.
  • Those involved aren’t acting as if it’s “totally wacky!” to get a tattoo.
  • Not one person here seems to be attention seeking.
  • The date for the tattoo is already confirmed, and is definitely going ahead.
  • John is one brave motherfucker for even just thinking about getting a backpiece in one sitting.
  • By donating, you could be transformed into a tattoo- wow!

To find out more about this, you can get to the JustGiving page, by clicking here– dig deep, everyone!

Good luck to John and everyone involved.

2 Responses to “Get your Mug on this guy’s Where’s Wally Backpiece for Charity!”
  1. Love this so much ! =] !

    I especially like the last bit about how this isn’t attention seeky or ‘wacky’… It’s true ! I’m just one guy with a big heart and an even bigger back which I’m willing to put to good use for a good cause=] I’m already covered in tattoos so I know the drill haha !

    Thank you so much for posting this ! Really awesome of you ! Hopefully we can raise an insane amount of money by the end !

    • Mel Noir says:

      Hey John, thank you! I’m super glad you like it :) You have more than a heart of gold for doing this, it’s lovely. Keep me posted about what happens in the end, yeah? I’d love to know!
      As always with stuff like this, there is no need for thanks at all. It’s a real pleasure to write about something which makes me smile :)
      Good luck, John!

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