Great Prints from Great Tattooers- Get Yours Now.

Oh dear, readers I am unwell! Pity me. My humble apologies about the lack of updates- as most of you already know, Tattoosday UK is a one (wo)man show, so when I stop, the site also unfortunately stops. Feeling a little better though, so let’s plod on, sneezing and coughing all of the way.

There are some really cool new prints from tattoo artists which have just come out, not sure if you’ve all seen this. Here’s a really quick run-down of some I’ve seen, feel free to add your own in the comments.

First up, the guys at Inkslingers in Newcastle are busy working on some prints. Traditional reigns supreme in this studio, and the guys are great at what they do. From the blog, here’s one from Blake Heppel:


This print, and a few more from him, are available for £10, plus postage if you’re not able to get to the studio. You can click here for ways you can get in touch for your own print. Ian is also working on a really cool A2 print, so I’ll let you all know when that’s finished, too.

Next, an adorable print from Sharron Caudill at Northern Soul in Liverpool. This is A4 in size and also £10. I think this might be one for the ladies, though I wouldn’t begrudge any blokes who’d want a nice print like this, either. You can contact Sharron though her blog (link above) or buy this through a link here.

Finally, Ron Henry Wells also has a print which will be in the Shirts and Destroy online shop very soon. It’s a beautiful black and red traditional massacre which you could probably spend hours looking at. Wonderful stuff. Keep an eye on his blog for any news on that.

Unfortunately, my watermark button on LiveWriter doesn’t seem to be working today, so I can’t really put up any other prints right now. Well, I could, but they wouldn’t have a name on them and I’d feel bad if someone stole the artwork from this site, so I’ll leave it at this.

I’m off to look for some strepsils now, but I’ll hopefully have the strength to catch you all again before the weekend.

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