Learn How To Draw.


Today I found an email from Guy Aitchison’s newsletter, from Tattoo Education. The email is for Chris Lowe’s new DVD- I’ll tell you all about that in a second, but first something caught my eye in this email. There are so many “rock star tattooers” out there who don’t realise that they need to know how to draw, and Guy addressed this perfectly. From the Tattoo Education newsletter:

I get emails from tattooists all the time asking for the special secrets… whose inks do I use? Whose machines? What needle groups? All these questions reveal what I think is a fundamental problem with the way tattooists learn; rather than concentrating on learning to draw well, they hope to bypass all that messy and time-consuming art training and just learn tattooing. Unfortunately, that would be like learning to play the guitar without understanding how music works- basically, a waste of time.

My answer to these questions is always the same: Focus on your drawing. If you have a strong command of your art skills, tattoo skills will come much more easily along with things like shading, color theory, clean linework and all the rest. Let me say it in all capitals: YOU CAN’T BE A GREAT TATTOOIST WITHOUT BEING AT LEAST A PRETTY DECENT ARTIST. Period. The longer you try bypassing the art fundamentals, the longer and more painful your struggle with tattooing will be.

Those are some wise fucking words. If you’re tattooing, and you can’t even draw, don’t expect any sympathy from real tattooers when your trendy studio goes bust after a few years. Also, if you’re a customer/collector/whatever we’re calling ourselves right now, don’t go to these jokers. You’re better than that.

Anyway, this DVD looks really cool. It’s aimed towards tattooers, though I think anyone who wants to learn how to draw could benefit from it. It’s called Rendering Realism in Coloured Pencil- and does pretty much what it says on the tin. It seems like a really great resource, especially for colour realism artists.

You can check that out by clicking here. At $60, it seems like really good value for money! If you click that link there’s also a cool video to go with it that I’d recommend checking out.

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