Even More Ways to Kill Time on the Internet!



Today I was going to post something up for the wonderful Lorna about covering up tattoos with make up, but since everything I read seems to contradict itself, I’ll research that a little more for you guys and put it up next week instead.

Today, then, I want to tell you all about Last Sparrow Tattoo, or LST. I’m pretty sure a lot of you will know about this, but I just went from being a lurker to a member, and I think I’ve found yet another home on the internet (as if Facebook, WordPress, Flickr and Tattoo.TV didn’t take up enough of my time, haha).

LST mainly functions as a forum, though it also has interview videos, member forums, book reviews and galleries, too. The forum is fairly bigger than most tattoo forums, which means you’ll have a lot to read. The members are also really nice, and at times quite insightful, so you’ll be learning while you’re there, especially if you’re a collector :)

One of the coolest thins about this forum? I would say, it’s there the grown ups go to talk about tattoos. Like Tattoo.TV and Tattoo Road Trip’s forums, there aren’t many posts talking about who you think is the hottest in LA Ink, or who does the “sickest” tribal tattoos (no offence intended if you’re into those things, haha). It’s really chilled out, smart and simple. I really like that.

If you want to check out LST, you can click here or on the image below- my username is Mel Noir, so you can come and chat shite with me too if you like, I never mind.

The links to LST above are referral links. If you would prefer to go straight to the site, feel free to click here!

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