Lars Krutak to speak at Sacred Tattoo NYC


Lars Krutak knows his stuff when it comes to tattoos and anthropology. He has a PhD, a big ol’ brain and even his own TV show on the subjects combined called Tattoo Hunter. More importantly though, Lars Krutak knows his stuff because he’s Lars Krutak, motherfucker. This guy has ben poked, scratched and sewn up to acquire not only amazing tattoos from around the world, but also the respect of the indigenous tribes which keep the old ways of tattooing alive.

I for one would love to pick this guy’s brain. If you live in New York, you may not have to, since he’s giving a talk at Sacred Tattoo in New York City at the end of this month. From Sacred’s blog:

Unimax is proud to present Dr. Krutak, on July 30th at 3PM, at Sacred Tattoo, 424 Broadway, N.Y.C., who will spend an hour revealing tattoo as a statement of worldviews, where humans, nature, and the supernatural are united. He will show where and how tattoo still represents the reenactment of ancient myths, ancestral traditions, and the actions of deities and cultural heroes. Video clips from his documentary series Tattoo Hunter, seen on the Discovery Channel supplement the presentation as well as some large format on-location photos by Krutak, from the collection of Wes Wood.

Lars will also be happy to sign copies of books and things like that while he’s there, the post says. Anyone who knows me will know I will envy everyone who gets to go. It’s a really great opportunity to learn a little more about tattooing, whether you’re an artist, a collector or someone interested in tattooing or anthropology. Get there.

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