We are 138: The Best Gallery on Flickr right now.


This is an important announcement from Tattoosday UK: there are Astro Zombies in Hope Gallery! They’re here to exterminate the whole human race, and get some awesome tattoos while they’re down here on planet Earth.

Okay, not really, but I couldn’t pass up the reference. As you may have seen from a few other tattoo blogs, such as Needles and Sins, the We Are 138 art show took place over the weekend at Hope Gallery. I was going to pass on writing about it since you’d probably heard about it elsewhere, but today I saw the Flickr gallery containing the pieces which were on show. It’s brilliant. It features many of your favourite tattooers from America, including Dan Smith, who Marisa interviewed about the show here. I have to say, as a pretty big fan of the Misfits, this is probably the longest I’ve spent on writing a news piece in a while, because I sat and stared at each piece in awe for ages.

Anyway, enough words. To get to the gallery, click here. Also, here are three of my favourites from the show:







Artists: I took these images from the Flickr page- since I’ve credited them in watermarks, I’m assuming that’s okay, but if you see your work here and don’t want it up, just get in touch. Don’t worry, I’m nice, so I’ll take them down if you wish!

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