Food For Thought.


I found something while perusing today from David Bruehl which I think you’ll all find pretty interesting! In his recent blog post, David has been considering nutrition, and how it can have an effect on not only how well you can sit for a tattoo, but how it may heal afterwards. He’s basically applying everything he’s learned about nutrition from cycling to tattoos, and it works pretty well.

As a girl who won’t even drink a drop of alcohol a week before getting a tattoo, I found all of this pretty interesting. David has even went out of his way to suggest what you should be doing before, during and after the tattoo process. From his blog:


Eat a good sized balanced meal 1-2 hours before the tattoo. Be sure to have protein, fat, and a good amount of carbohydrates in this meal. The ideal time is going to vary from person to person, but that window is a good guideline. Any sooner than an hour before a tattoo is not going to be digested by the time you get started, and waiting much longer than two hours is not going to result in the full benefit of the food in regards to handling the tattoo. Also, for some people with weaker stomachs, eating a meal sooner than an hour before a tattoo might result in some queasiness. I still recommend eating versus not eating though.

(Read the rest here!)

Of course, David isn’t a nutritionist himself, but his advice is really solid and well thought out. If you’re paying loads of money towards a great tattoo, why piss off yourself and your tattoo artist by not bothering to look after it?

When you’re going ‘under the needle’, as it were, you’re putting your body through some real shit at times, so it sort of makes sense that the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ can be extremely true.

5 Responses to “Food For Thought.”
  1. Very true! Eating well (and also sleeping well) before getting a tattoo makes a huge difference. So many times customers pass out or feel sick during their tattoo, it turns out they have not eaten yet that day.

    • Mel Noir says:

      Yeah, I’ve even seen it a few times myself and I don’t tattoo, haha! There are so many things which can effect how you sit for a tattoo, I try my best to keep it all in mind. Eating is definitely one of them. If it means you can sit better and longer, then I say go for it with full force :)

  2. Tommy says:

    From what I can see from people I know who get tattoos it’s hard to say if eating to a certain schedule b4 a session can make a big difference.. Everyone’s body,metabolism,pain threshold etc. is different. Many things can affect a tattoo session.
    I’ve seen 7 stone weaklings take a tattoo better than 10 stone Muay Thai fighters.
    I’ve a 16 stone girl,just after a huge feed,faint after 5 minutes.
    I’ve seen them big, small,fit,unfit,fat,slim,fed,starving,drunk,sober,stoned,straight,speeding,crashing etc.
    In other words I’ve seen it all more or less.
    I truly believe getting tattooed is a mental thing.
    If u really want it u will take it.
    If it hurts like fuck and u persevere then it just adds to the experience and the original idea of the piece.
    U wanted it,it hurt,u love it,u will always remember that time.
    It’s on your body and in your mind.
    INDELIBLE in every way!!!

    • Mel Noir says:

      I agree Tommy, it is pretty different for everyone, and depends on so much! However, if something like this can help, it doesn’t hurt to try it! In a strange way, I sort of like the fact that tattoos hurt. I mean, maybe not at the time, but the fact is, no matter how much a tattoo hurts people always go back for another one. I think that makes tattooing sort of special :) On the other hand, if you’re in pain and wriggling about, you’re just causing bother for whoever is tattooing you, even if you don’t mean to. If this makes you sit better, then I’m all for it, along with pretty much everything else which can help, haha!
      Thanks for the response! :)

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