Win a Tattoo with Sean Herman for the West Memphis Three!

As a website which actively supports the West Memphis Three in any small ways we can, this is something really exciting and interesting! Tattoo artist Sean Herman is currently listing a tattoo valued at $800 on the Skeleton Key Auctions website, for a bargain $500. Of course, since this is an auction, the price could go up, but you’re bound to get some money off either way, and more importantly you’ll be supporting a great cause. There’s no real limitations as to what you can have as your tattoo, though the total time Sean will give you is five hours. I’d also advise you take a look at Sean’s portfolio on his website, so you can see which styles he usually works in. Here’s an example of his work, from his website:


Here’s the auction page.

If you’ve been looking around for some really great quality work done on a fairly sized scale, and you live in America near to Alabama, why not check out Sean’s work and put a bid in for this appointment? You’ll be helping out a worthy cause just by getting tattooed, meaning pretty much everyone’s a winner.

And once again, auction page is here!

If you’re unsure of who the West Memphis Three are, I’d suggest you take a look at the website, first, and I’d also recommend Damien Echols’ book, Almost Home. It’s really great to see anyone, never mind a tattooer, supporting this cause, so if you’d like to get involved in any way, be sure to let us know and we’ll support whatever you do.


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