These ARE the Boards You’re Looking For.

A brand new tattooer’s charity project is underway at the minute- and it’s awesome. The “Star Boards” charity project is looking for UK  tattooers right now to take part, in a project which will see their Star Wars themed artwork go on skateboards, which will be auctioned off for charity.

This is in its early stages right now, where Chris Jones (Physical Graffiti, Cardiff) is organising tattoo artists and rallying them together for the project- so this could be your chance, if you’re quick to get involved! Chris is also looking for a UK based skateboard manufacturer who can sponsor the project- so if you know anyone, please get in touch!

The skateboards will be displayed for two weeks at Physical Graffiti, then sent off to next year’s Liverpool Convention where they’ll be auctioned off.

Here’s some info from Chris:

Ok, its only open to registered tattoo artists. I’m currently looking for a Skateboard manufacturer to sponsor the project or i was thinking to advertise for skaters to donate their old unused boards and recycle em. if everyone who wants to be involved could email me their details to, Name, shop name n address n website n I’ll start getting a list together, plan on getting the boards out to everyone by September and the deadline for finished decks being in March then they will be displayed and auctioned off for charity in May next year.

You can also check out the Facebook site for the project here– if you know anyone who’d like to get involved, send this page to them!

Here’s a deck I found on Chris’ blog- this is the standard you’re up against ;)


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