The Apprentice Tales

I found a really cool set of videos on YouTube today by Tattoo Artist Magazine, called The Apprentice Tales. The (currently) three part series interviews the guys tattooing at Sid’s Tattoo Parlour in California, where they talk about apprenticeships and life working at the studio.

So far I’ve only managed to find the time to see the first episode, but I love it. I especially love Bill German’s account of his experiences as an apprentice, where he was made to shave off half his beard, wear make up on one side of his face and wear a nappy- all apprentices should be made to do this to weed the crap out, haha! Of course, there are delightful videos of Bill from the time to accompany this.

If you’re looking for half an hour to kill and you want to be really entertained by some good honest tattooing, this could be for you. Like I said, this comes from Tattoo Artist Magazine, though for your convenience I’ve put the videos into a playlist for you, so that they’re easier to find. They should also play continuously if you enable that option, so you’re free to stick the videos on full screen chill out and enjoy. Click on the image below to see the playlist.


Oh, I also added a new category to the site, for videos. Posts like this will be collected in there. I’ve been seeing some really great videos floating around the internet lately, so it’ll be worth checking that out soon to see some really great videos.

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