NYC Convention: Blog Post Round-up

I’m hoping the header image for this post doesn’t get cut off- if it does, it’s from

Some of you have been asking about the New York convention, which took place in the weekend. I don’t like to disappoint, so I have some links here for you all to check out. I didn’t make it there myself, since it’s pretty far away (cue poor, starving writer sympathy stories), but thankfully some cool bloggers did.

First off, there are some really cool pictures up on Tattoo Snob, including the one you can see above there. Kevin and Julene are spending the week in New York, so it could be worth checking out their Twitter page for the aftermath! See their post here.

The brilliant Bill at our American counterpart’s Tattoosday also went to the convention, and has a cool write up. He’ll be posting some of the tattoos he’s seen pretty much all week, so that’s a cool one to watch out for.

My favourite from his post has to be of him, Marisa (Needles and Sins) and Nathan (Knuckle Tattoos). Good to see some tattoo writer alumni getting along swimmingly!


Speaking of Marisa, I can assume she’ll probably have a great blog post up soon, too. It’ll be worth checking out when that’s up.

That’s it so far (it is only Monday, after all- or is it still Sunday in America?), but if you have anything else to add to this, feel free to pop a comment in, and I’ll add it to the list!

I hope everyone who went had a really great time.


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