Guest Spot News: Dris D, Thomas Morgan and Shon Lindauer.

Lately we’ve been seeing a bit of an increase in the amount of fantastic tattooers travelling to far away studios so everyone can be tattooed by them. I feel like we have something about guest spots around once a week these days. I love it.

First up this week, Dris D will be working at Old School Electric Tattoo in Salisbury this month, on the 23rd and 24th. Dris is a really great tattooer, who loves lots of skulls and zombie celebrities, though I’m sure he’d do anything he finds interesting that’s in a colour realism style. Click here to see his work on Facebook.


Thomas Morgan is also still on his travels, and at the time of writing this (Monday! I’m super organised!), he’s on a plane going to Cape Town! Joining him on this part of his tour of the world is the incredible Shon Lindauer. Both artists are incredible at what they do, and you’re going to want in on this if they’re going to be nearby where you live. From Shon’s Facebook, here’s a quick run down of where they’ll be:

Cape town

I have no idea which studios they’re going to be at, though I do know they’ll be tattooing in Inkslingers again while they’re in Newcastle. I’ll try to keep you guys updated! I’m sure regular readers of this have seen Thomas’ work by now, but if you’re unfamiliar with Shon, here’s something from his Tumblr page:


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