Colour on the walls of Life.

I have no idea how tattooing and graffiti seems to go together, but since convention organisers insist on having graffiti artists at their events, I’m going to guess a fair few of you will like this. Hey, it’s art, so why not?

I was out on Wednesday taking some pictures at the Quayside in Newcastle/Gateshead, and I found these amazing pieces of graffiti near the Sage. I was so impressed, I had to make today’s post about these to round the week off nicely. Hope you all like them. Have a great weekend, guys.



Obviously since I didn’t paint these, I don’t mind people using my photographs for anything. However, I’d appreciate it if you asked before using the panoramic below- I’ll send you a high res. copy if you ask.


If you’d like to see these incredible pieces (before some arsehole paints over them), go to the Sage venue in Gateshead, and stand at the entrance. Then, turn your back away from the river and walk forward- you’ll see them, don’t worry.


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