DOTM: Dave Allen

There was no Dude of the Month last month- oh no! Sorry about that, I was just seriously busy with the dreaded university research I told you all about. If it’s any consolation, this month’s tattooed hero has been doing some really cool stuff!

This is Dave Allen, who like most of us, was shocked and upset after hearing about the disasters in Japan in April. While most of us got together and donated a few things, or a bit of money, Dave went above and beyond that and set up Tattooers for Japan. Here’s a short explanation of the group/website, from the Facebook group:

This group has been created in response to the recent natural disaster in Japan. The goal is to unite tattooers globally to show there compassion and gratitude to a country and culture that has influenced most of us artistically and personally. All of us owe a large debt of gratitude to Japan for its contribution to tattooing and the trade we are all so passionate about. The idea is for each tattooer/shop to schedule a walk in day in April/May with all proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan. Choose your own day, advertise to your client base and community, pick a theme if you’d like. Please invite any tattooers you know to join this effort.

Let the Japanese foundations of respect, compassion, and integrity inspire you to help!”

Tattoo artists all over the world have been inspired by Dave’s group, and have done anything they can to help out our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan.

So far, the amount of money from walk in days, prints, auctions, t shirts and everything in between is estimated to have brought in over $12, 000. This is beautiful, and the way that something like a Facebook group can be used to spread love for our friends in Japan is incredible. Dave, and anyone who has helped with Tattooers for Japan, is a real inspiration and deserves to be our Dude of the Month.

To find out more information about Tattooers for Japan, you can get to the Facebook group here, or click on the image below for the website.


Top image of Dave is from a tagged picture of him on Facebook- hope you don’t mind, Dave!

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