One Tattoo, One Article.

Slow news days are the worst. Actually, slow news days when you don’t really have the time to say what you’d like to is the worst. Tomorrow will be better, as I’ll have a lot of time to update you all on tattooer’s efforts to raise money for Japan- great stuff!

For now though, I will show you one tattoo and one piece of writing today. Here’s the tattoo, which was found on the brilliant


This is by Kyle Cotterman, from Smart Bomb Tattoo. I know you guys like to see things that are a little different, so what do you think of this one?

Secondly, here’s something by the marvellous Marisa, over at Needles and Sins. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, there seems to be some bother with Mike Tyson’s tattooist and the makers of The Hangover 2, as one of the character’s tattoos is almost exactly the same as the one Tyson has on his face. Never missing an opportunity to put her lawyer hat on, Marisa has taken the time to break down what’s going on with this, and where tattoos and copyright can stand. It’s pretty cool, and you’ll learn something- find that here.


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