Debate: Holiday Tattoos.

Lonely Planet has a new article this week, where two contributors, Bill and Courtney debate over whether you should get a new tattoo while you’re on holiday. The article raised some really great points on both sides. It also means I can post up this cool tattoo by Karl Vittali, which I found here:


From Courtney, fighting the corner for “yes, get tattooed!”:

If you want a tattoo, there’s really no better time to do it than on your travels. The spontaneous person inside you deserves to live in the moment and if a tattoo is a result of that then more power to you!

And from Bill, arguing against it:

Attending a Half-Moon party in Thailand isn’t motivation for a Buddhist deity on the back of your stubbly white calf. Hiking the highlands then getting drunk with people who may have known your Scottish relatives does not justify a Celtic armband. Drunkenly stumbling amongst Tokyo’s neon doesn’t give you Yakuza status. And a week, a month or even a year of bunjee and Zorbing in New Zealand (even with a wicked tan) does not a Māori make!

When I read this, I had the feeling Courtney wants to appear interesting, and that Bill just doesn’t like tattoos. I could be wrong, but there’s the impression I got.

The whole idea is worth talking about though. Should you get tattooed on holiday? From my experiences, I’ve seen those with brilliant tattoos they’ve got from other countries, and those with terrible tacky tattoos, too. The difference has always been in who has done these tattoos, and the planning that went into them. If you want to go to New York, you might as well see if Sarah Schor has the time to tattoo you while you’re there! If you’re on a beach in Spain, however, you might want to avoid walking into any old place and getting any shite they can do for a few Euros.

Some of us travel far and wide for tattoos by some of the best artists in the world- it’s a really cool thing to do, and those tattoos will of course remind you of where you’ve been. However, unless you want your holiday ruined by infections or horrid tattoos, make sure you plan your trip, and be prepared to give in if the best artists are busy when your holiday is booked.

When you’re at home, the best thing to do when looking for a new artist is to do your homework and don’t settle for second rate tattooers. The same goes for when you’re on holiday. Stay safe, kids!

You can read the Lonely Planet debate by clicking here.

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