Tattooist Art #8 out now!


Did you know it’s exactly a year since Tattooist Art started putting out great artwork and interviews? Oh yes, it’s our birthday- give me some cake.

To round off the year, here is the last free issue of Tattooist Art. It features loads of great work by tattooers, artists and photographers. You’ll also see two interviews by yours truly, with Adriaan Machete and Daniel Novais (Daniel’s interview is accidentally credited to Jinxi Caddel. This will be fixed very soon).

The printed issue of the magazine will also be out very soon, which I am very excited about. If you own a tattoo studio and you would like to stock issues of the magazine, please get in touch! You’re also welcome to take out an advert or send in some work, we’d love it.

Our editor, Leo, has been working around the clock to get this printed issue out, so to be able to still get out a digital magazine is amazing. He’s a pretty cool guy.

If you’d like to read this new issue of Tattooist Art, you can simply go to the website here and download it. There’s no spam, spyware or nasty bugs- you can take it from me, as I have every issue on my computer.

I really hope you enjoy my interviews with Adriaan and Daniel. They’re real labours of love, and have become great pieces due to both thoughtful and insightful artists.

One Response to “Tattooist Art #8 out now!”
  1. leo says:

    Thank you Mel for the post and awesome interviews :D

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