From Sailors to Kings


Here’s one for all you tattoo history buffs. The Copenhagen Post has a fantastic new set of features online, around the history of tattooing in Denmark. The feature, which is heavily influenced by Jon Nordstrøm and his book Danish Tattooing, highlights some of the best tattooers of the time, going all the way back to the late 19th Century.

One of my favourite excerpts from this week’s feature is from a story about Tusch-Hans (or Ink Hans, in English):

After a brief stint in the US, Ink Hans had many successful years in Nyhavn, in which he developed a particularly lucrative partnership with area prostitutes.

“He has a deal with the girls that when a sailor wants to pay to have his name tattooed on a girl, Hans pulls the needle back into the machine and gives the girl – by use of a small contraption –  a tattoo with the sailor’s name that can be washed off the next day,”  writes Nordstrøm in ‘Danish Tattooing’. “He often has, by the way, the exact same agreement with the sailor. Nobody knows and Hans gets his money.”

Being able to have such a great piece of tattoo history right here on your computer is something extremely valuable indeed. To see the whole piece, click here.



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