Shopping: Rachel’s Wonders


Hey everyone, I thought I’d throw a review your way today. One of our awesome readers got in touch this weekend to let me know about her jewellery line- and it’s awesome.

Rachel’s line, called Rachel’s Wonders, is a collection of gorgeous tattoo inspired jewellery, with many traditional and Day of the Dead motifs and imagery running throughout. Everything is completely handmade, so you know you’re not getting some Made-in-China-then-bump-up-the-price bullshit. It’s all great quality stuff, and it’s wonderful.

From Rachel’s press release:

“I don’t want my work to fit into any specific category but if I had to choose I would definitely go for the sophisticated end of the Kitsch Kawaii look”. People can choose to customise their pieces as I’m able to offer a wide variety of colours for each item. If you want something specific to go with an outfit, or a roller skate in your local derby colours then no problem!”
Chunky bright coloured Roller Skates, Lipsticks Stiletto heels and cute Mice are just a few of Rachel’s designs that are combined with strings of pearls and sparkle for that little bit of something ‘ sophistically unique’.

imageRachel showed me some pictures of what she has up for sale right now, so I thought I’d pick out a couple of favourites. Firstly, these Day of the Dead style shoe clips are gorgeous. They’re a lot of fun, and a great way to change your shoes for the weekend- maybe some of the ladies would like something like this for those tattoo conventions in the weekends!

imageAnother great piece she has here is of this traditional-style necklace. I know a lot of you guys love yourself a bit of traditional work, so why not wear it next to your heart as well(!) I think this would make a great gift for someone who loves tattoos, but hasn’t quite settled on their own yet, or perhaps someone who loves traditional work in things other than just tattoos, but doesn’t buy many tattooer’s prints or flash.

There’s a lot more than just these two examples I’ve given you on Rachel’s website. In fact, it’s huge! So please, make sure you do a fellow Tattoosday UK reader a favour and check out her work.

If you love this, but you don’t like buying anything online, Rachel has you covered for that too. She’ll be selling lots of lovely tattoo inspired jewellery at this year’s North Lakes tattoo convention, alongside artists such as Oliver Peck, Paul Naylor and Gary Wiedenhof. Awesome!

Once again, here’s that website address: Rachel’s Wonders. Also, make sure you add the Facebook page for the shop, too :)

Okay then, picture time: the top image of the model is Miss Malice photographed by Joseph O Brien. Everything else I’m about to show you belongs to Rachael’s Wonders. If you like what you see, go to the website for the real deal.

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