Site Update: March 30th

Hey everyone, just a couple of things you may have missed from us!

First off, despite the lack of media coverage this week, we have not forgotten about tattooer’s efforts to raise money for Japan! The Japan 2011 page was updated last night with more events and auctions from tattooists, and there will never be a submission deadline for sending in information on your event. So, if you have something you want us to put up there, contact the site in the usual way and that’ll be sorted for you ASAP :)

Also, over the next two months, I am going to be extremely busy. This means that I’m once again taking on any submissions, and perhaps even another writer if you think you have what it takes. This doesn’t happen on this website very often, so if you’d like to be a writer and want some great pieces to put out there to get noticed, this could be your chance. You need to have great spelling and grammar (or a great spellcheck, haha!), a great attitude and knowledge of tattooing. No time wasters or dickheads, please, I’ve seen enough of those before! There are loads of ways to contact is through this page, which will also be updated today.

Remember, Tattoosday UK is your site too, and it’s you guys who make it great. I’m always happy to hear from you all and see what you have to share with us all.

Mel Noir.


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