The New Barcode Tattoo: and why not?


Last week, I showed you guys an example of a minimalistic tattoo and you didn’t seem to know what was going on. Me neither really, but on the Facebook page you seemed to want some more unusual tattoos, so how’s this one for you?

This is, to be blunt, a re-hash of the cheesy 90s barcode tattoo. However, the conventional barcode has been replaced here, with a quick response code (or QR Code), which you can scan from your smartphone to get to all sorts of goodies. It could link to your website, phone number, some text- all kinds of crap.

Marisa at Needles and Sins first posted about this on Friday (you can see her post here), and she said she didn’t think it was such a bad idea. Y’know, I actually agree with her! That being said, we both run tattoo websites, so we would say that. What about everyone else, what do you think of this?

Oh, and if you were wondering:





(Top Picture)

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