Rhod Gilbert: Tattoo Master? Don’t Count on it!


While I was doing my usual herp-derpin’ on the internet yesterday, I saw a great link from Steph Hesketh at Unique Canvas– cheers Steph!

The link led me to a show from Rhod Gilbert’s new TV series on BBC Wales, where he does someone else’s job for the day. This week, he’s a tattooer!

This is usually the second where those in the “tattoo community” all groan and complain, saying that no one should be allowed near a tattoo machine without an apprenticeship, and that these sorts of TV shows are terrible. And yes, to an extent I can personally agree, but bear with me here.

The show starts off with Rhod letting you know that there is no way he’d ever get a tattoo. He doesn’t want one, and he doesn’t get it. That kind of honesty is always kind of cool to begin with, especially since he goes around learning more. He starts off at a tattoo convention, and speaks to Louis Molloy (who’s becoming a sort of staple to tattoo TV shows, it seems!) and a henna artist, before going to a studio in Wales to learn some more. As you can see from the hilarious picture above, Rhod ends up getting his own tattoo! I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what it is, but it’s not what you’d expect. Rhod also gets his nipple pierced, before piercing an ear and giving two pretty terrible tattoos.

The thing is, while a lot of people will flip their shit over another TV personality tattooing someone for the sake of ratings, the show isn’t what those people expect. It’s actually funny! It’s not someone pretending they’re cool, or blabbing on about their personal lives. There isn’t even a sob story (gasp!). It’s just a really funny TV show where a comedian tries his hand at something, under the guidance of a tattooer.

I loved it, and was laughing myself stupid (or more stupid?) in some parts of it- fantastic stuff!

So, you go off now and put the kettle on, forget about scratchers and Jodie Marsh and keep your mind open while you stream this show. You’ll have a hoot ;)

To stream the show, you can click right here to see it on iPlayer! It’s there until Tuesday.

For our friends outside of the UK who’d also like to see this, you can find out a sneaky way of watch it anyway here– I didn’t show you that though, okay?

One Response to “Rhod Gilbert: Tattoo Master? Don’t Count on it!”
  1. Shadow says:

    Really don’t like that Rhod was forced to have a tattoo

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