Jinxi Interviews Big Gus!

Big Gus is a cool guy. This is probably all you need to know, but for the sake of this blog being any good, I suppose I’ll be nice and fill you all in with the rest of this. Gus, who works in California, has been spending two years putting his blood, sweat and tears into an amazing new book and art exhibit/ auction for black and grey art by tattooers called Black and Grey’s Finest. The list of artists involved in this include Bob Tyrell, Tony Ciavarro and Tim Kern, so you just know it’ll be a good book.

What’s even more cool is the fact everything around this project goes to raise awareness for autism- fantastic!

Last week, Jinxi Caddel posted up an interview she did with Big Gus. It’s awesome, here’s a small snippet:

How did the idea for Black and Greys Finest first come about? What inspired you to begin the project?

The first time the thought of this book came about was about three years ago, when I was chilling at a convention and was feeling good (ha ha). I needed to call one of the guys, so I started going through my address book and I was, like, “Damn, I  know a lot of great artists.”  As I scrolled through the numbers, it hit me that I should do a book featuring these people, and since I love black and grey, and that’s what I’m known for, BANG, the idea of Black and Grey’s Finest was born. Just like that!

My inspiration was my love for art. I was curious if I could get my friends to do a black and grey design only, and I was curious what we all could put together since a lot of us are in this stage where we paint and draw all the time.


To see the full interview, click here! Also, check out the website for Big Gus’ book, Black and Grey’s Finest to get your copy!



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